Artistic Intervention

Mural to Gavrilo Princip in Belgrade

Contested Murals in Belgrade, Partizan[1], ”Grobarski Trash Romanticism” and the ”JNA group”

By Hana Šuica

Attitudes towards national history in Serbia represent an important aspect of everyone’s identity. It is understandable that historical and political figures stand out among the multitude of painted murals. They are increasingly present in public spaces, both on the facades of residential buildings and on public surfaces, such as communal… Read More

Newly painted mural on the International Wall, Falls Road, Belfast, following the death of George Floyd in the city of Minneapolis on the 25th May 2020.

Muralling in Belfast

George Floyd and the International Wall

By Luke Dunne 26 March 2021

Smartphones and social media can transfigure a single, horrific event into something malleable and replayable. One might think the contemporary public (hyper)space would render more traditional forms of political communication obsolete. But grieving for George Floyd and with the victims of racism everywhere meant reconceiving that public space. Muralling –… Read More

A statue of Sir Stamford Raffles in Singapore, with skyscrapers rising in the background.

Monuments Matter

A Singaporean Solution

By Miranda Richman 27 July 2020

We are pleased to present the case on The Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles and His Legacy as part of a series of in-depth studies for the Contested Histories Initiative. We hope that this series will provide insights and lessons learned for engaging with and addressing instances of disputed historical legacies… Read More

Two whales, as part of the Australia cook landing sculptures.

Captain Cook Landing Sculptures in Botany Bay, Sydney


By Contested Histories Initiative July 2021

Captain James Cook’s landing site at Kamay Botany Bay has been a focus of public debate, contestation, commemoration, celebration, and mourning in Australia since the 1860s. The recent controversies over the commemoration of the 250th anniversary of Cook’s landing presented a new opportunity for multi-stakeholder discussions to take place. Focused… Read More


The Competition

Transforming the Palazzo degli Uffici Finanziari Facade

By Autonomous Provincial Council of Bolzano-Bozen 2011

On 2nd February 2011, the Autonomous Provincial Council of Bolzano-Bozen announced a competition for ideas to transform the controversial fascist-era facade of the Palazzo degli Ufficio Finanziari. The competition was open to artists, architects, historians and anyone involved in the cultural sphere. The solution had to transform the bas-relief into… Read More