Our Projects

Monument(al) Challenges

Monument(al) Challenges addresses teachers’ requirements for resources and training materials which equip them with the skills for discussing sensitive and complex histories, including colonialism and slavery, in diverse classrooms across Europe. Project partners will be developing an educational toolkit and other resources which aim to foster dialogue about heritage and identity.

Contested Histories Onsite

Onsite offers insights into different memory case-studies in Europe through lectures, tours and podcasts on four contested sites across Europe: Warsaw’s Uprising Museum, Tallinn’s Bronze Soldier statue, Bolzano’s Bas-Relief of Mussolini and Madrid’s Valley of the Fallen. The project aspires to offer tool-kits to educators and other stakeholders to better understand and address complex legacies of Europe’s totalitarian past.

The Early Atlantic Slave Trade in Portugal
A Digital Archive of Contested Legacies

Hosted on an interactive website, the digital archive of the early Atlantic slave trade in Portugal will make available a large set of contents related to the core case study of the Slave Market Museum and the associated mass grave. From there, its scope will broaden to excavate the history and contested legacies of the early Atlantic slave trade in Portugal more generally.

African Changemakers

Changemakers converts case studies on contested legacies into actionable educational material aimed at building understanding of the global contexts of human rights education and to integrate African case studies—and African learning—into the global debate on using the historical past for building more resilient societies.