Dr Karl Lueger monument in Vienna

Dr Karl Leuger Ring Street in Vienna


By Contested Histories Initiative

In Vienna, over 160 streets bear the names of controversial historical figures. One of these streets, once called Dr-Karl-Leuger-Ring, was named after a prominent anti-Semitic agitator whose ideology inspired the dogmatic policies of Adolf Hitler. In 2011, an archival report investigated the acts of controversial historical figures with names in… Read More

Stone memorial in Jedwabne dedicated to murdered Jews with Hebrew inscription and pebbles on top

Jedwabne Pogrom Memorial in Jedwabne


By Contested Histories Initiative July 2021

The Jedwabne pogrom memorial was renewed in 2001, following controversies surrounding who the perpetrators of the massacre were. This case study explores moral questions over the commemoration and memory of perpetrators, Poland’s responsibility for the slaughter, and how tragic events such as historical pogroms should be commemorated in the contemporary… Read More

Educator Resources & Teaching Strategies

By Facing History & Ourselves 2021

Educational resources include multimedia materials, from primary sources and streaming videos to teaching strategies, lesson plans, and full units. Find resources that will support your students’ learning, whether you are teaching a complex moment in history or addressing today’s breaking news. Topics include history of race, immigration, democracy and civic… Read More

Law and Memory

Towards Legal Governance of History

By Uladzislau Belavusau & Aleksandra Gliszczyńska (Eds.) 2017

Legal governance of memory has played a central role in establishing hegemony of monumental history, and has forged national identities and integration processes in Europe and beyond. In this book, a range of contributors explore both the nature and role of legal engagement into historical memory in selected national law,… Read More

Post-Communist Poland

Contested Pasts and Future Identities

By Ewa Ochman 2013

The book explores the reinterpretations of Poland’s past which have been undertaken by Polish national and local elites since the fall of communism. It focuses on remembrance practices and traces the de-commemorating of communism to examine the ways in which collective remembering and forgetting shapes present power constellations in Poland… Read More