Educational Materials

A collection of Educational Materials geared towards critical thinking, understanding the complexities of historical memory, and navigating disputed historical narratives.

The Land

An Education Guide

By Native Land 2019

The Guide includes includes detailed instructions on how to use Native Land, as well as exercises for use by teachers of different levels, from kids to adults. The Guide discusses the pros and cons of the map itself, the importance of learning more about colonialism, and provides resources for teachers to learn more. Read More

World Heritage Education Programme Brochure

By UNESCO 2013

The World Heritage Education Programme gives young people a chance to voice their concerns and to become involved in the protection of our common cultural and natural heritage. This brochure offers overview of the programme, its objectives and main activities. Read More

Using Their Words

Six Elements of Social Justice Curriculum Design for the Elementary Classroom

By Bree Picower 2012

Provides a framework of six elements of social justice curriculum design for elementary classrooms. The elements move from students learning self-love and knowledge about who they are and where they come from to learning respect for people different from themselves. Students explore social injustice, learn about social movements, raise awareness, and engage in activism. By addressing all six elements, students develop an analysis of oppression and tools to take action. The elements help teachers visualize social justice education by providing… Read More

Bangla Stories

Teaching Resources for Key Stage 3

By Anusree Biswas 2010

Lesson plans for teachers, youth workers and others that are interested in learning about Bangladeshi/Bengali culture and history of emigration to the United Kingdom. Read More

The KIT: World Heritage in Young Hands

An educational resource kit for teachers

By UNESCO 2002

Developed in 1998, the World Heritage in Young Hands Educational Resource Kit for secondary school teachers is one of the main tools of the World Heritage Education Programme. It aims to sensitize young people to the importance of preserving their local, national and world heritage. Read More