Occasional Papers

The Contested Histories Occasional Paper Series consists of in-depth versions of existing Case Studies. In addition, as the structure of Occasional Papers is freer, papers can take on a more academic tone and scope.


Borba Gato Statue in Sao Paulo


By Vinícius Borges Garcia Fonseca

The Alamo. A Complex Historical Legacy


By Ngoc Tram Nguyen

Maze Long Kesh

Northern Ireland

By Paula O’Donohoe

Pillar of Shame

Hong Kong

By Contested Histories Initiative

The Statue of Catherine II ‘the Great’ or the Monument to the Odessa Founders


By Olivia Durand

Bremen’s Elefant: Memorialisation, politics, and memory surrounding German colonialism


By Berklee Baum

Haile Selassie Statue at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa


By Jadé Botha

Monument to Humanity in Kars


By Ju Young Han

‘Muralling’ and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland

United Kingdom

By Pierce Kehoe & Luke Dunne

Statue of Robert Towns


By Sebastian Rees

The Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles and His Legacy


By Wan Yii Lee

The Legacy of Cecil Rhodes at Oxford

United Kingdom

By Lucas Tse