Contested Histories in Public Spaces

Principles, Processes, Best Practices

By Timothy W. Ryback, Mark S. Ellis & Benjamin Glahn (Eds.) February 2021

The ten case studies in this volume were selected with a twofold purpose: first, to examine the dynamics around specific contestations around the world in recent, real-world situations to demonstrate that these contestations are a global phenomenon; and second, to identify ‘best practices’ that can help decision-makers faced with similar situations address them in an effective and responsible manner. While every contestation will have its own unique constellation of social, political, legal and cultural dynamics, it is hoped that these cases can provide insight into the complex interplay of these forces.

Neil MacGregor quote (Author of A History of the World in 100 Objects; former Director of the British Museum):
“On social media and in public demonstrations, debates about enduring racial injustice and colonial oppression have raised the question: Who are the moral heroes of our past? Through ten contested sites, this timely book looks at these explosive and divisive debates, and the changing understanding of history that lies behind them: it brings to a discussion often immoderate and shrill an informed, reasonable and welcome lucidity.”

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