The #’s are unique identifiers for our Case Studies. As a case is identified and added to our Cases List, it is assigned a number. Stories and Resources relating to a case are also tagged with the Case #.

Yes! Click ‘Map’ in the menu and scroll down. You can fill out a form to download the Cases List.

Submit potential new cases using the contact form on the Get Involved page. Remember to also share a news article and image if available.

To study disputes over statues, street names, and other historical legacies in public spaces with an aim to identify principles, processes and best practices for decision-makers, civil society advocates, and educators confronting the complexities of divisive historical memory.

Share cases, images and resources with us; join our team as a Researcher; partner with us on a spin-off project; donate. Get involved!

Yes, if you are interested in volunteering as a Researcher we consider applications on an ad hoc basis. Additionally, when the Initiative is in need of specific language skills or regional specialisation, a call for applications will be advertised. Inquiries can be submitted via the contact form on the Get Involved page.

Traineeships are coordinated by EuroClio. With EuroClio, traineeships are practical and involve a combination of Project and Events Management, Fundraising, and Outreach and Communications, as well as dedicated trainee positions with flagship initiatives such as Contested Histories and Historiana. 

Internships are offered via partnerships with the University of Oxford, Harvard University and Erasmus University Rotterdam and are research focussed.